I began attending PFLAG meetings in 2013 and joined the board in 2015. I’m active in PFLAG because this caring community of LGBTQ people, their families and allies, is a wonderful place to address needs of support, advocacy, and education. I’m inspired by our monthly meetings and by our involvement in the local community. I’m passionate about fostering connection and community, so you might also find me working with my teen children and their youth community. You could fine me organizing a pancake breakfast, joining a community sing-along, or teaching an artistic embroidery class.
I have been an Akron PFLAG member for 13-14 years and a board member for over 10. I represent Akron on the newsletter that is published jointly with Cleveland PFLAG, and I am always happy to receive information about local LGBTQ events and news so that it can be publicized. I am a retired social worker and am active with the Twinsburg Historical Society. My main focus in life is my family. Knowing that any of my four grandchildren could be LGBTQ has heightened my desire to work towards a world where people of all differences are treated equal.
I joined PFLAG in 2011 with my wife. I am active in this group because it helped my daughter, and I want to help other daughters and sons. My world revolves around attempting to live simply, peace and justice for all, and my family. Only a few people know that gardening is my yoga. I have hearing loss (has nothing to do with rock and roll). I love to dance to the right kind of music (rhythm and blues). Also, I don't believe that the Supreme Being is a white man with a long white beard in a robe. I want to respect all folks seeking their creator from their own perspective, not just mine.
We have been members for over 25 years and consider ourselves activists because of our ongoing involvement with area universities, schools, government, and the Hudson's First Congregational Church. We stay committed because we continue to hear the stories shared at PFLAG meetings and want to make a difference. We both deliver Mobile Meals to those in need. Marie serves as a CASA/GAL in Summit County Juvenile Court. Bill is active in Rotary and Family Promise.
Kim Rivers, President
Katie Miller, Board Member
My life revolves around my children, my husband Rusty, and my two dogs, Finnegan and Maggie. When I am not volunteering somewhere or at work, you can probably find me treasure hunting at Goodwill or at the gym with my husband. I am extremely family-oriented and a fierce Mama bear. I love everything administrative and am passionate about bridging the gap between the church and the LGBTQ community. A few little known facts about me are that I was born without a uvula (that dangling thing in the back of your throat), my hair is naturally curly, and that I married my high school sweetheart.
Kim Mosyjowski, Secretary
Russ Clevenger, Hospitality
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Heather Clevenger, Vice President
Joe Mosyjowski, Treasurer
Bill & Marie Libby, Board Members
Audrey Kancler, Board Member
I joined PFLAG in 2011 and I am also the co-founder and coordinator of the Teen Pride Network. PFLAG is a powerful voice for the LGBTQ people and their allies. I choose to work toward equality for all with PFLAG leaders, locally and nationally. My world revolves around my family, my Unitarian Universalist faith, social justice action, art, and gardening / conservation on our land. Few people know that I raise composting worms, that I love to kayak, and that fiber arts are my primary artistic outlet.
I Joined PFLAG in 2013. I am active in PFLAG because I am gay and want to see a better world for LGBTQ people. My world revolves around my family and friends. Little known facts about me are that I am a triplet, a firefighter, and have a love for photography.